‘FIFA 23’ servers go down during early access launch

EA is investigating a separate issue that's making the game unplayable on PC

FIFA 23 servers appear to be down, as the game’s early access period begins.

Early access for FIFA 23 started today (September 27), and is available to anyone that pre-ordered the game’s Ultimate Edition version or subscribes to EA Play / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

However, players are getting an error message that stops them from accessing the game, which reads “The FUT service is currently experiencing a high volume of server traffic. Please try again later.”


As noted on Downdetector, over 750 downtime reports for FIFA 23 have been filed in just half an hour, with several threads on the FIFA subreddit corroborating that the servers are down.

While EA has not commented on the downtime just yet, it has confirmed that it is investigating an issue that’s stopping players from accessing FIFA 23 on PC. It’s been reported that trying to open the game results in a message stating “the application encountered an unrecoverable error.”

FIFA 23. Credit: Electronic Arts.

While an EA community manager has shared the bug is still “being tracked by the FIFA team at the moment,” several temporary fixes from the community can be found here.

FIFA 23 is set to launch for all players on Friday (September 30), and over the last few weeks EA has revealed some of the new features that the game will bring – including an option for struggling players to switch off critical commentary and an “absolutely vital” new anti-cheat system.

However, this month’s but this month’s biggest FIFA story is confirmation that Apple TV’s Ted Lasso will be appearing in FIFA 23 along with his team AFC Richmond. The crossover will also include AFC Richmond star players Sam Obisanya, Dani Rojas, Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt, along with the team’s home stadium of Nelson Road.


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