‘Final Fantasy 14’ gets patch 6.1 trailer ahead of release date

Footage for the upcoming Myths of the Realm Alliance raid was finally revealed

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, showcasing everything players can expect from the next major update.

During the latest Letter From the Producer Live broadcast, which aired on April 1, it was confirmed that the upcoming patch will release on April 12. A brand new three-minute trailer was also shared, which gave a sneak peek at the new story, PvP content, raids, and miscellaneous additions.

Fans were treated to a teaser of the main scenario quests, which will follow directly after the events of the previous expansion Endwalker, and will find the player donning “the mantle of simple adventurer once more.” The trailer confirmed that we’ll see familiar faces once again, including Tataru, Y’shtola, and Estinien.


Brand new footage for the much-anticipated Alliance raid, Myths of the Realm, Part One: Aglaia, was also revealed showing a tower in the sky with boss fights based on the Twelve gods.

“Since ancient times, people have worshipped a pantheon of divinities known as the Twelve, but Their true identities have remained shrouded in enigma. On a day much like any other, however, a certain request would arrive at the Baldesion Annex ─ and set you upon the path to the heart of the myth…” the official website details.

In addition, the trailer also gave players a look at the new Crystalline Conflict PvP duty, where teams will be required to go head-to-head in different environments and push a sort of pay-load like objective to win, as well as the new Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria – a harder version of Endwalker‘s final trial.

Footage for other duties was also teased, but right now, it’s unclear whether the gameplay belongs to the unannounced dungeon that was previously confirmed. The end of the trailer also features a short teaser for the Dragonsong’s Reprise, a new level 90 Ultimate raid.


In other news, the Fortnite community has raised £109million in support of Ukraine.