‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.2 details to be revealed early next month

The game is also offering a month-long free login campaign

Square Enix has announced that it will be sharing new Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 details next month.

The next Letter from the Producer will air on July 1 at 11 AM BST and will once again feature director and producer Naoki Yoshida. The broadcast will be showing fans a “first preview of patch 6.2 as well as some miscellaneous updates.”

The next major update is set to feature the highly-anticipated Island Sanctuary – a new system that is designed as a casual experience for players to enjoy on the side. The system will allow players to raise animals, cultivate the earth, and relax alongside their minions, but will still be a piece of “large-scale” content separate from the main game.


In April, Yoshida told NME in an interview that progress was going well and “plays very different from things we’ve implemented previously.”

It’s unclear at this time what else the Final Fantasy 14 team has in store for patch 6.2, but it’s likely players could expect news on a possible new quest addition to the Myths of the Realm raid series (although nothing has been confirmed).

In addition to news of a new broadcast, Final Fantasy 14‘s free login campaign has returned once again. This means players who haven’t played the game recently are now able to log in and play for free until June 30.

This amounts to around 96 hours of gameplay at no extra cost, allowing Warriors of Light to effectively sink enough playtime into A Realm Reborn and possibly even the first expansion, Heavensward.

In other news, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is currently on sale down from £70 on Steam, but fans aren’t too happy about the price point. The 29 per cent discount means the game is now on offer for £49.69, but some think even that price is too high for a game that launched in 2020.