‘Final Fantasy 16’ could make an appearance in ‘FF14’

Naoki Yoshida joked that he would need to "discuss it with the producer" of 'Final Fantasy 14'

Naoki Yoshida, the producer for both Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 14, has shared that he would “really want” to see a collaboration between both games.

In an interview with HK01, Yoshida was asked whether upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) could feature in Square Enix‘s ongoing multiplayer title Final Fantasy 14 (FF14).

“From my position as the producer of FF16, of course I really want to cooperate with FF14,” said Yoshida. “After all, FF14 has a huge player base, and it is of course ideal to bring FF16 to the FF14 audience.”


“But this is not something I can decide on my own,” the producer continued, joking that he would need to “discuss it with the producer of FF14” before anything could happen.

“I will ask his opinion [and] if he says yes, then it’s not impossible to cooperate,” Yoshida teased.

A landscape showing the world of Final Fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16. Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 is set to launch for PS5 consoles on June 22. NME recently previewed the upcoming game and found a “strange and exciting new world” in the continent of Valisthea.

However, Yoshida has shared that fans shouldn’t expect Final Fantasy 16 to arrive on PC as soon as its six-month exclusivity deal with PlayStation ends.

“The PC version will not come out in half a year,” confirmed Yoshida, who said that while he “would like to release a PC version” eventually, he is “not at the stage” where it can be discussed.


“Even if we start optimizing the PC version after the PS5 version comes out, we won’t be able to optimize it in half a year, so it won’t come out in a short span of half a year,” Yoshida added.

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