‘Final Fantasy XIV’ celebrates 8th anniversary with cake from Bake Off star

The Rising in-game event also begins in Eorzea today

Final Fantasy XIV celebrates its 8th anniversary today (August 27) with a birthday cake made by former Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy.

According to Square Enix, the three-tiered cake was designed by the baker herself, with a lemon sponge at its core coated with buttercream, and of course decorations that pay tribute to creatures from Final Fantasy XIV.

These include Cactuars, as well as their other variants Sabotenders and Gigantenders, made from gingerbread cookies, Fat Chocobos made from tangzhong bread, and Spriggans made from mochi, while they also clutch precious gems made from kohakutou-style jelly. The star attraction goes to the Moogle head on the top that is covered with fondant.


Watch a five-minute clip of Kim-Joy making the cake from start to finish below:

While the cake has just been made for promotion, Final Fantasy XIV fans can still partake in anniversary celebrations as seasonal in-game event The Rising also returns from today until September 9.

Players can journey to the Steps of Nald in the city of Ul’dah where they can find a character called Kipih Jakkya who will have a quest for them. In-game rewards for participating in the event include a Red Moon Parasol featuring the image of a familiar flaming moon, as well as Nymeia Potpourri, made from the alchemically treated petals of Nymeia lilies.

Today’s anniversary actually begins from the 2013 launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn, rather than the original 2010 MMO, which launched to overwhelmingly negative reception before producer and director Naoki Yoshida was brought in to overhaul the project.


Since then, Final Fantasy XIV has been critically acclaimed, following the release of the Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers expansions. Its popularity has grown so much over recent months that one-third of its NA servers have been closed to new characters to manage online congestion.

Elsewhere, Netflix has begun rolling out free video games to subscribers in Poland. The two games are mobile tie-ins Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things 1984.