First-person shooter ‘Skin Deep’ to be published by Annapurna Interactive

Blendo Games is developing the immersive shooter

Blendo Games and Annapurna Interactive are partnering to release Skin Deep, a new first-person shooter for PC.

Skin Deep is an immersive first-person shooter that focuses on “sneaking, subverting and sabotaging.”

A trailer is available below:


Skin Deep is developed by Blendo Games, AKA Brendon Chung, a solo developer best known for puzzle game Quadrilateral Cowboy and narrative experiment Thirty Flights of Loving.

Keeping in style with Blendo Games subversive style, the game tasks players with protecting a ship from Space Pirates, whilst playing as an Insurance Agent with a wide array of tools including guns, a signal lamp, black pepper, and more.

The trailer shows the player sneaking through vents before sneezing and alerting a pirate. Alongside this, the player is also able to take control of a mech called a “Ball-Bot”.

Chung said of the partnership: “It’s an honor to be working alongside the incredibly talented folks at Annapurna Interactive. What a thrill to be making Skin Deep the best it can be”.

Annapurna Interactive is known for its work with indie developers, having released titles such as Outer Wilds, The Pathless and Maquette since their creation in 2016.


Company president Nathan Gary said: “Blendo is known for creating games that have compelling stories and great gameplay, and that’s exactly what drew us to work with Brendon,”

Skin Deep embodies all that and more. We’re truly blown away by their artistry and can’t wait to get it out in the world for everyone to play.”

Earlier in the year, Annapurna Interactive announced Neon White, a fast-paced first-person action platformer set in Heaven.

The game is developed by Ben Esposito, who previously worked with Annapurna on the relaxing puzzle game Donut County.