Footage of potential ‘Judgment’ sequel leaks early on Twitter

Players could return to Kamurocho once again soon

Footage of what could be a new Judgment title has appeared online early, ahead of Sega’s official countdown timer.

The footage shows main character Takayuki Yagami conversing with an unknown character who whispers in his ear.

There’s no audio in the nine-second clip and it ends with a splash screen showing the words ‘Judgment Day-11’.


Judge_Sega posted the tweet, which is the official Twitter account for the game.

The footage arrives a week after Sega announced a countdown website for Judgment Day on May 7. It arrived alongside the Judgment Remastered release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia.

Earlier this year, Gematsu reported Sega had trademarked the title ‘Lost Judgment’. The trademark, which you can view here, looks similar to the typeface Sega originally used to promote the series.

Judgment sold well, leading Producer Daisuke Sato to say “Judgment has exceeded the sales expectations we had in the West; they are very good,” in an interview with Meristation in 2019.

Sato also added: “We, as a team, would like to continue working on future instalments of the Judgment series.”


Judgment Remastered is available now and features upgraded visuals, 60FPS performance, and faster loading times. PS4 owners can’t upgrade the game for free, but it is available at a lower price point of $39.99 (£34.99), and includes all DLC from the original game.

Meanwhile, the latest iOS update has brought native support for PS5 and Xbox Series controllers to iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14.5 was made available earlier this week (April 26) and brought a whole host of options to Apple‘s hardware.