Footage shows playable Boba Fett in LucasArts’ cancelled ‘Star Wars’ game

The footage includes a dramatic rooftop chase across Coruscant

Footage has emerged of LucasArts‘ cancelled Star Wars: 1313 game, showcasing a playable Boba Fett chasing down one of his bounties.

The footage of Boba Fett Star Wars: 1313 was released by The Vault (via VGC), to celebrate its sixth anniversary.

In the three minute video, Star Wars fans can get a taste of what playing Boba Fett would have been like. In typical Fett fashion, most of this gameplay revolves around chasing down a bounty target.


This involves a dramatic rooftop chase in Coruscant that culminates in Boba Fett tackling the man he’s hunting down, seconds before he can fly away.

It looked like it could have shaped up to have been an exciting game, but unfortunately for Star Wars fans it was never meant to be. Star Wars: 1313 was revealed by LucasArts at E3 in 2012, however it was cancelled when Disney bought the studio in 2013.

The game would reportedly have opened as the player controlling an un-named bounty hunter, who is soon killed by Boba Fett. At that point, players would have continued playing the game as Boba Fett.

Although Star Wars: 1313 never made it to launch, earlier this week there was some very good news for Star Wars games. EA announced that Respawn Entertainment is making three new Star Wars games.

These three games might not let you play as Boba Fett (though you never know), but they will include “the next game in the Star Wars Jedi” series,” as well as “a new first-person shooter” and a new strategy game.


“Fostered by the expertise and passion within each team, we will create thrilling original games for diverse audiences across the Star Wars galaxy,” said Sean Shoptaw of Walt Disney Games.

In other news, a fair employment watchdog has concluded an investigation into Ubisoft Singapore, and has shared its findings on the studio today.

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