‘Football Manager 2022’ to feature better data and new animations

The Data Hub is the newest way to perfect your pre-match tactics

Sports Interactive has today revealed two new features for the upcoming sports simulation title, Football Manager 2022. These are a new animation system and a revamp of the way analytics and data are displayed.

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These include a a new animation system and a revamp of the way analytics and data are displayed in the game.


The Data Hub is a new addition to the games sidebar which displays performance metrics such as possession, pass maps and other analysis that’ll let you know where things have gone so horribly wrong on the pitch. This view also allows you to follow the stats of an individual player, allowing for deeper insight into their performances.

Players will also be able to request bespoke reports on individual elements of the game, something that Sports Interactive and Sega are claiming uses the same technology that real football clubs do.

The other big addition is a refresh of the match engine, which Sports Interactive claims to be a start of a new era for their on-pitch simulation. Improvements such as player animations, player movement and the way AI behaves during passages of play have all been implemented.

These new improvements were discussed at further length during a video with James Alcott and Sports Interactive studio director, Miles Jacobson.

Football Manager 2022 launches on November 9 for PC and Xbox, with the game also coming to Xbox Game Pass.


Elsewhere in the world of virtual football, Konami has issued an apology for eFootball 2022. The game launched with plenty of negative feedback concerning both its unnaturally feeling gameplay and downright hilariously looking graphics. According to Konami and update will be coming some time in October for the game, alongside plenty of opportunities for fan feedback.

In other news, the new Nintendo Switch clock app is both a real thing, and it contains a super secret side-scrolling platformer in its time-keeping code.

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