‘Football Manager 2023’ and ‘Return to Monkey Island’ are coming to Game Pass in November

Vampire Survivors is also coming to Game Pass for consoles

Microsoft has revealed the next round of titles coming to Game Pass in November, with Football Manager 2023 and Return to Monkey Island being among the highlights.

Return to Monkey Island, the latest entry to the classic point and click franchise, will be arriving on the service on November 8 – and will be available on console, PC and cloud. Monkey Island’s Game Pass debut comes on day one of its console release, after it came out on PC in September.

It’s the perfect excuse to try out the latest title from Terrible Toybox, a game that impressed Jordan Oloman in his five-star review for NME. Oloman described Return to Monkey Island as feeling like “ watching a comforting action movie from your childhood,” praising Terrible Toybox for venturing “beyond fan service” and providing “a very clever and well-made game for newcomers outside its reverie orbit.”


Football Manager 2023, from developer Sports Interactive, will also be released on November 8 and will be released on Game Pass for PC on day one. Additionally, the console version of the game will also launch on the subscription service on launch day.

The enormously popular Vampire Survivors is also making its way to Xbox Game Pass on consoles, and will be available from November 10. The game is available right now on the PC version of Game Pass.

Football Manager 2023. Credit: Sports Interactive
Football Manager 2023. Credit: Sports Interactive

Other highlights include Pentiment, a particularly artsy-looking game from The Outer Worlds developer Obsidian. Pentiment will be launching on Game Pass for PC, console and cloud on November 15.

Other games being added to the service include Telltale‘s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and Michonne, both of which are available to PC players from today (November 1). Sidescroller The Legend of Tianding is also available for PC, console and cloud players from today.

Finally, Ghost Song, a 2D adventure title from developer Old Moon is joining the service on November 3 for PC, console and cloud players, and Jumpship’s Somerville will be available for PC and console players from November 15.


And of course, there’s a new list of games set to leave the service – Including last year’s Football Manager (leaving November 8), as well as Art of Rally, Fae Tactics, Next Space Rebels, One Step from Eden and Supraland – all of which will be leaving Game Pass on November 15.

In other gaming news, Microsoft has revealed that it is selling the Xbox Series X|S at a loss of up to £173 ($200) per console.

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