Former BioWare dev thinks ‘Mass Effect’ TV show could divide fans

Former BioWare lead writer David Gaider has shared his concerns about a 'Mass Effect' TV show.

A former BioWare developer has explained why he’s concerned about the idea of a Mass Effect TV series, and how it will divide fans.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a Mass Effect TV series, based on the popular sci-fi, RPG franchise.

Following the news, former BioWare lead writer David Gaider took to Twitter to explain why he thinks the idea of the TV series makes him “cringe just a little”, starting off by saying that Mass Effect and Dragon Age have custom protagonists, meaning the show will have to pick between a male or female main character (thanks, GamesRadar).


“Boom, right off the bat you’ve just alienated a whole bunch of the built-in fan base who had their hopes up,” Gaider said.

“Secondly, those protagonists are designed to be a bit of a blank slate, one that the player fills out with their decisions,” he continued. “That’s not going to work for a passive medium. So, suddenly, the protagonist will have their own personality… and their own *story*. That will be weird.”

Gaider also pointed out that the players’ companions in Mass Effect play a big role in the story, going on to say that the fanbase is attached to them but “there is no way in hell any single story could encompass them all equally. Think of the howls of rage when companion X is relegated to a cameo… or not there at all.”

The former writer also spoke about how the idea of a TV series is better than a movie as it allows for more companion options but that’s only if the show considers them to be as important as the plot.

The Twitter thread goes on longer, with Gaider further explaining his issues with the Mass Effect TV series, ending with: “At some level, this TV series needs to answer the question ‘what IS Mass Effect?’… and that means making something that is *recognizably* Mass Effect. It means retreading ground in a way that fans don’t need, and will likely react poorly to. Maybe. I guess we’ll see.”


In the meantime, Dragon Age 4’s senior creative director Matt Goldamn has left developer BioWare.