Former ‘Dying Light’ devs reveal new studio’s first title ‘Forever Skies’

The sci-fi, action-survival game is the debut title from Far From Home

Far From Home, the studio set up by former developers of Dying Light, has announced its first title – check out the teaser trailer for Forever Skies below.

The sci-fi action/adventure game has been in development for two years, under the codename ‘Project Oxygen’.

According to the press release, Forever Skies is a first-person action survival sci-fi game that takes place on a destroyed and deserted Earth in the wake of a massive ecological disaster.


In Forever Skies, you play as a lone scientist returning to Earth long after a global ecological catastrophe has left the planet uninhabitable. In the game, there’s scope to explore a high-tech airship that acts as your transport, shelter, laboratory and workshop while below the Earth’s surface lies “a totally new ecosystem”. As well as hunting for viral pathogens that can be used as weapons or stat boosts, there will also be battles with “evolved and highly dangerous creatures”.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

Forever Skies will come to Early Access in 2022. At launch, the title will be a single-player but there’s a co-op mode in development. A console version will launch later with all the updates and content already released for PC, including co-op mode. Wishlist it on Steam here.

Far From Home was formed in April 2020, is based in Poland and features developers who have previously worked on the likes of Dying Light, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite and the Divinity Original Sin series.


In other news, Dying Light 2 developers have announced that the main quest will only take 20 hours after previously teasing 500 hours of content.

Although it will still take players 500 hours “to max out the game with all main and side quests, choices and endings, checking every place on the map, every dialogue and finding every collectible,” the main story itself will actually take only 20 hours to complete.

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