Former ‘Elder Scrolls’ developers announce ‘The Wayward Realms’

It's apparently "a new class of game: the Grand RPG"

In 2019, lead developers on the first two The Elder Scrolls games, Julian LeFay and Ted Peterson, announced their new studio OnceLost Games. Now they’ve announced their first game, The Wayward Realms which represents “a new class of game: The Grand RPG”.

A single player open world fantasy RPG, “The Wayward Realms is set on a group of over 100 realistically scaled islands, known collectively as the Archipelago, where scores of factions vie for influence and power,” says the announcement.

“Kingdoms strive to maintain their dominance, upstarts seek to earn a place at the top, and dynasties set generational plots into motion. Should the player earn a position of prominence, they may change the course of history.


“However, they must first prove their worth. Players will venture through strange lands, encountering humans, elves, dwarves, and other races of a more unusual nature, all of whom live within the Archipelago and its kingdoms.”

If their Twitter account is anything to go by, expect vampires and werewolves to also make an appearance. Get a first look at the game via the teaser trailer below.

According to the Steam page, The Wayward Realms creates something where “choice and consequence are experienced on a scale never attempted before.”

The release date for the game is still TBA and as the studio keep posting online, “please keep in mind that it is still early and things are likely to change when we enter full production.”

The studio are also focusing on a PC release but “we would love to bring it to console. With the hardware of the new generations and Unreal making it easier to port, it is a good possibility, but no promises.”


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