‘Forspoken’ developers listening to feedback following delay

Luminous Productions is working on the "optimal experience"

The developers at Luminous Productions say they are listening to the feedback and channelling that into improvements for the studio’s upcoming game, Forspoken.

This follows the announcement earlier in the month that Forspoken has been delayed from May to October of this year. Luminous Productions said at the time that “getting this right is extremely important to us.”

Now the game’s creative producer Raio Mitsuno has talked about how the team have been listening to feedback on the title and are taking it into consideration. Specifically how much main character Frey and her companion Cuff talk to each other (via Game Informer).


“There’s been some commentary about the frequency of banter between Frey and Cuff when you’re out in the world. Those kinds of things we’re looking at in terms of fine-tuning the frequency, making sure that it’s not to the point where it feels overwhelming, but we want to make sure it’s timed nicely,” said Mitsuno.

Forspoken. Credit: Luminous Productions

Mitsuno added that hopefully Forspoken “doesn’t feel like there’s too much silence when you’re playing out in the vast world,” but clarified that “We don’t want it to be too much. You know, you don’t want it to be noise, obviously. So, we are taking a lot of feedback and making sure we’re adjusting things to make sure that it’s kind of the optimal experience.”

For those wanting to learn more about the characters and world of Forspoken, the NME preview can be found here. On the game’s protagonist, Frey, lead writer Todd Stashwick said: “She hasn’t been shown a lot of kindness, so that has built this tough exterior.

“She’s a fighter. One of the big things that’s part of her tough exterior is her sense of humour. She uses it as a defensive mechanism.”

Forspoken is releasing on PC and PS5 this October.


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