‘Fortnite’ disables hurdling once more due to gravity-defying bug

The mechanic was only reinstalled earlier this week

Fortnite has been forced to disable hurdling again due to a bug that’s causing the mechanic to fling players to their death.

Epic Games originally disabled hurdling last month, after reports the new mechanic was causing players to teleport across the map. It was reinstated earlier this week.

However it’s already been disabled from the game once more, due to a bug that turns the gentle leap into a gravity-defying toss that often results in death.


One Reddit user claims the glitch sent them hurdling for 18 minutes while another clip sees a player transported across the map, then killed.

“Due to issues, we have temporarily disabled Hurdling,” announced Epic Games. “Players are still able to Mantle over taller obstacles. Fixes are coming soon and we’ll provide an update when the issues are resolved.

However, some players are sharing issues with the mechanic itself. “I’d rather they keep it out until they add an option to disable it, or at least hold another button to activate it,” said one Reddit user. “99 per cent of the time, I’d rather just normal jump over [something]. To often [hurdling] sends me where I don’t want to go and i’m not even talking about the teleporting.”

“I found it to be a completely pointless addition that actively made movements worse, bugged or not,” added another.

It comes as Fortnite faces a troubled launch of season 4, after season 3 ended early last month. Earlier this week, the entire game was taken down for unscheduled maintenance following a variety of bugs, including one that saw the shockwave hammer skip its cooldown period entirely.


Last month, it was announced that Epic Games will have to pay the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over half a billion dollars, following allegations that the Fortnite developer violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and utilised “dark practices” to trick users into spending money.

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