‘Fortnite’ weapon charms could be on the way

It’s unclear whether they’ll arrive in the current season

Fortnite weapon charms could be on the way as a new customisation option in the battle royale game.

There have been rumours for some years that Epic Games is working on customisable cosmetic charms for Fortnite’s weapons, with Twitter user HypeX stating in July 2021 that several charms were leaked “three years ago” including a dragon egg, disco ball, heart locket and llama amongst others.

Weapon charms are back at the forefront of Fortnite rumours yet again though, as it’s been discovered that Epic is working on a cosmetic archiving feature. Twitter user GMatrixGames has published some code regarding the new feature, and allowed fans to make their own conclusions, although the cosmetic archiving feature does mention that it’s possible to “archive charms”.


It would make sense for Epic to be currently working on this to tie-in with a first-person camera mode that it has in development for Fortnite, where weapon charms would be much more visible.

It would be unlikely for Epic to implement a brand new feature part-way through a season, so players will have to wait until at least Chapter 3 Season 4 for more information. With fans on Twitter already referring to them as “battle pass fillers” it’s unclear how well the new additions will go down upon arrival in Fortnite.

It’s today (July 11) that Fall Guys challenges, which see players able to earn a skin in Fortnite, will be ending in-game, so players only have until the end of the day to unlock the biggest prize, a Major Mancake skin.

In other news, Assassin’s Creed Liberation has been unlisted from Steam “at the request of the publisher,” and it also seems it will be completely inaccessible from September.