Frustrated players are negatively reviewing ‘Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’

Over 66 per cent of Steam reviews are negative

The latest Elite Dangerous DLC Odyssey has recieved criticism from fans on Steam for poor PC performance and technical issues.

Launched last week (19 May), Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the latest addition to Frontier Developments flight simulation game.

For the first time in the series, Odyssey enables players to get out of their ships. In the DLC, players can explore space stations, planets and outposts by foot. Odyssey also includes a new set of gameplay systems and mechanics, including first-person gunplay.


It’s only been a few days since Frontier Developments released the DLC, but Odyssey already has over 3,000 reviews. At the time of writing there are 1,052 positive and 2,116 negative reviews for the DLC. Negative reviews make up 66 per cent of player feedback.

Most reviews seem to point to Odyssey’s poor performance as a key problem. Players on a wide range of hardware setups seem to struggle to run the game at a consistent frame rate.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Credit: Frontier Developments

Reviewer SuperDarkNova on Steam struggled to get a consistent 40 frames per second on a GTX 1060, which is one of the most commonly used graphics cards.

The lack of diversity present in Odyssey has disappointed players. The 400,000 new settlements in the game reportedly involve less than ten different activity types according to reviewer Dashex. Who also mentions that there are fewer than 20 unique fauna types in the galaxy.

Server issues have also plagued Odyssey since it launched. Numerous players have voiced their frustrations about not being able to play the game consistently.


The website Down Detector, shows numerous reports of server issues since Odyssey‘s launch.

Frontier Developments released a hot fix for Odyssey on Friday (May 21), which included stability improvements amongst other changes.

Elsewhere, Crytek has teased a remaster of Crysis 2 in a series of tweets about the game.

A tweet from the official Crysis Twitter account featured the quote: “They used to call me Prophet,” which is a line spoken by Major Laurence “Prophet” Barnesa – one of the primary characters in Crysis 2.

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