GeForce Now is available through the latest LG TVs

Plenty of games to choose from

LG TV owners can now stream games through the Nvidia GeForce Now app, saving the need for additional equipment other than a games controller.

Rumoured for a long time throughout the year, the game-streaming service is now available through LG’s webOS platform. The app is technically in beta but should still be fully functional and available through the LG content store on all recent LG 4K OLED, QNED Mini LED and NanoCell TVs.

Once downloaded, players have access to more than 35 free-to-play games providing they have a compatible games controller to hook up to it. Subscribing to GeForce Now also gives players even more options with games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Cyberpunk 2077 available through the service. Essentially, GeForce Now is a form of playing games without needing the latest PC or games console. All you need is a controller and a relevant device to use GeForce Now.


Different GeForce Now plans offer different levels of service. The free plan offers one hour long sessions while the priority plan provides up to six hours as well as gaming at up to 1080p at 60 FPS. The most recently launched service, the RTX 3080 plan, provides up to eight hour sessions and up to 1440p at 120 FPS if using a PC or Mac.

Recently, the Microsoft Edge browser started supporting GeForce Now, meaning it can be used through Xbox consoles.

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In lighter news, 4X strategy game, Humankind, is already benefiting substantially from a keen modding community less than a month since modding tools were launched.