GeForce Now support comes to Xbox’s Edge browser

A new way to play games on your Xbox

A new update to Nvidia‘s GeForce Now service means that it will soon be playable on Xbox consoles.

The latest GeForce Now client rolled out on October 21 and offers beta support for the Microsoft Edge browser – the same browser that is available on Xbox games consoles as well as PC.

Currently, Nvidia claims that GeForce Now can outperform an Xbox Series X and it brings with it the benefits of being able to play a number of PC games that are not yet available on the Xbox. That includes games such as Death Stranding, the critically acclaimed title from Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame.


In the past, Microsoft blocked GeForce Now from working on Edge but that has changed with this update. Last month, Microsoft also allowed users to play games via the Google Stadia platform through the Edge browser.

The GeForce Now update adds beta support rather than full support so it may be a little unstable for now. However, expect this to be a permanent change for Microsoft Edge users. It is a big change for Microsoft which has been keen to push its own cloud gaming endeavours in recent times.

This is most evident with the recent news that Xbox is apparently working with Finnish developer, Mainframe, on a cloud-based massively multiplayer online title codenamed Pax Dei.

Earlier this year, Microsoft also announced that cloud gaming would be coming to Xbox consoles for Xbox Game pass Ultimate subscribers, saving players the need to download games, much like the GeForce Now service.

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