‘Genshin Impact’ cheat makers will serve jail time

It comes after developer HoYoverse took legal action against the group

Three individuals who created and sold cheats for Genshin Impact will serve jail time after developer HoYoverse took legal action against the trio.

The cheat developers had reportedly sold more than 40,000 access keys to their software between October 2020 and May 2021, meaning users could become immortal or gain access to every Genshin Impact item for free. The trio reportedly made a profit of £246,000 from selling the cheats.

The three individuals were arrested last year after HoYoverse filed a report to local police and earlier this month, they were sentenced.


The ringleader of the gang was sentenced to 4 years in prison alongside a fine of £41,000. The two accomplices have been sentenced to 46 months and 18 months in jail respectively, alongside a fine of £8,200.

According to PCGamesN, earlier this year, the developer banned a leaker and fined them £64,000 for revealing early footage and information from the 2.5 beta version of Genshin Impact.

Over the last year, more companies in gaming have been taking legal action against cheaters. Earlier this year, the team behind Destiny 2 cheat site Elite Boss Tech agreed to pay Bungie £10.7million ($13.5million) to end their ongoing lawsuit with the company.

It was one of many lawsuits Bungie currently has active, with the studio teaming up with Ubisoft to file a suit against one subscription-based site that’s apparently cost them “millions”.

However, in April, ​​Bungie had its legal case against cheat site AimJunkies dismissed.


As for MiHoYo, the company recently opened a new headquarters in Singapore for its HoYoverse.

HoYoverse was announced earlier this year in a statement from the Chinese studio’s co-founder and CEO Haoyu Cai, which said that HoYoverse’s mission is to create “a virtual world that integrates games, anime, and other diverse types of entertainment, which will provide players with a high level of freedom and immersion.”

The new location will house “several hundred employees” across a 28,000-square-foot site and promote a flexible working model, according to a post on the HoYoverse website.

In other news, the launch date for MultiVersus Season one has been confirmed, following a delay earlier this month.