‘Genshin Impact’ is coming to PlayStation 5 in late April

Eula and Yanfei are joining the roster of characters

Genshin Impact is set to launch for the PlayStaton 5 in late April, developer miHoYo have announced.

The PS5 version of the Genshin Impact will arrive with the version 1.5 update on April 28, named “Beneath the Light of Jadeite“. The PS5 version will sport native 4k resolution, enhanced textures and faster load times.

The 1.5 update trailer is available below:


Beneath the Light of Jadite will also bring new events, enemies, and two new playable characters: Eula and Yanfei. Eula is a five-star claymore user that deals cryo damage and has the elemental skill icetide vortex, which increases her defence, resistance to interruption, and deals cryo damage. Her elemental burst is an area of effect attack that deals cryodamage, whilst also creating a Lightfall sword that follows her around, until it explodes and deals more damage.

Yaneif is a four-star Pyro character who uses a a catalylst. Her attacks generate ‘Scarlet Seals’ which provide her with a buff that decrease her stamina consumption and can be consumed to increased the power and range of her attacks.

One of the biggest introductions to 1.5, is the addition of a the Serenitea Pot, which will let players enter a pocket dimension where they can create their own customizable living space. Players will also be able to invite friends into this new living space, to see what customizations you’ve made based on the Realm Currency you have generated.

Finally, 1.5 also adds two new Boss Monster in the form of Azhdaha the Lord of Visahps, and the Cryo Hypnostasis , two powerful enemies that can be battled for a chance to earn rare rewards.


As reported in March, Genshin Impact has earned over $1billion in mobile revenue alone since its launch six months ago.  The game’s main story received a new chapter on April 12, and plans for a 12 month roadmap of the game have been revealed.

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