‘Genshin Impact’ developer wants to make limited-time events replayable

“We want to show players how the world of Teyvat and each character have changed over time outside of the main storyline”

The team behind Genshin Impact has confirmed it is working on a way for limited-time events to become replayable.

As it stands, certain character-focused events in Genshin Impact are no longer accessible or, if they are, their narrative has been changed to reflect how the storyline has evolved since.

Speaking to IGN, a HoYoverse spokesperson “acknowledged the community’s sadness at missing story events for characters like Albedo and Childe” alongside the desire for a story recap option.


“With limited-time seasonal events, we want to show players how the world of Teyvat and each character have changed over time outside of the main storyline,” said the spokesperson. “Therefore, even if events return, such as the Golden Apple Archipelago in Version 2.8, there will be changes to the characters, stories, and gameplay of relevance,” they continued

The statement added: “However, we are considering the issues you mentioned and may have new ideas in the future with the advancement of our technology and productivity.”

Genshin Impact. Credit: miHoYo.

Announced yesterday (September 29) Nvidia is currently offering “first-come, first-serve” rewards for Genshin Impact, which include free Mora and Hero’s Wit points.

The rewards are available to any GeForce Now members who have opted into the subscription service’s rewards programme, though Nvidia has noted that they will only be available for a “limited time”.

Earlier this week, update 3.1 was added to the game. As developer HoYoverse detailed earlier in the month, the patch introduces five new banners that will be released across two phases. Phase one will add four-star character Candace, along with five-star banners Cyno and Venti. Looking further ahead, another two characters that will likely arrive in update 3.2 have also been revealed by HoYoverse.


In other news, several developers have revealed they were not told about the imminent closure of Google Stadia – despite having games due out on the service.

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