‘Genshin Impact’ gets new version 2.7 trailer revealing new story quests

Version 2.7 releases on May 31

HoYoverse has revealed the name and trailer for Genshin Impact version 2.7, named Hidden Dreams in the Depths.

On May 19, HoYoverse announced that the long-awaited 2.7 update would be arriving on May 31 after it was delayed back in April. Following the confirmation, the developer went on to reveal the name of the update alongside a trailer during a special broadcast, showcasing new characters, gameplay, and more.

In update 2.7, players can expect even more exploration of The Chasm – a recent addition to Genshin Impact‘s map – which will tie into the introduction of the new character Yelan, who has been watching over the location for a long time in order to gain access.


You can check out the version 2.7 trailer below:

Additionally, in the new event Perilous Trail, players will be able to start a new Archon Quest Interlude Chapter which will feature several characters. As the synopsis explains, “While Yelan, Yanfei, Itto, and Shinobu are stranded in the depths, danger also looms ahead for the Conqueror of Demons, Xiao, who is conducting his own investigation. Survive the crisis together, and follow Xiao’s steps to uncover the history buried inside The Chasm.”

A new combat challenge called Realms of Guile and War will also be unlocked along with the event, requiring players to test their combat skills and party-building strategy.

Alongside the new five-star character Yelan, who will wield a bow and the Hydro Vision (one of seven elemental abilities in the game) Kuki Shinobu will also be introduced. The four-star, sword character will use the Electro Vision and is the deputy leader of the Arataki Gang.

HoYoverse confirmed that Yelan’s Event Wish will be available at the start of version 2.7, coinciding with Xiao’s rerun. Arataki Itto and Kuki Shinobu will be joining at the later stage of the update.


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