‘Genshin Impact’ leakers are “locking down” activity due to threat of legal action

Multiple 'Genshin Impact' leaks sources are pausing or stopping activity

Genshin Impact leakers are shutting down or pausing their activities, following publisher Cognosphere’s subpoena requesting the personal information of prolific leaker Ubatcha.

Ubatcha is one of the most well-known sources for Genshin Impact leaks within the community, with over 460,000 Twitter followers. Ubatcha posts leaks for the game in a Discord server containing over 270,000 members, called Wangsheng Funeral Parlor (via, Eurogamer).

Cognosphere, the publisher for Genshin Impact, has since asked a law firm to file a subpoena application asking Discord to reveal Ubatcha’s name, address, telephone number and email address.


Following the actions of the action role-playing game’s publisher, other prominent leakers in the community have either completely stopped or temporarily suspended leaking activities. According to Eurogamer, two of the biggest on Twitter, hxg_diluc and SaveYourPrimos have made their accounts private, meaning their tweets cannot be viewed publicly.

SaveYourPrimos has also posted to the now-private account stating, “We’re not going anywhere, we’re just locking down for a short while until I.T. and I have figured out how to best move forward,” before following up with, “We are not in any legal trouble or facing any threats ourselves. This is a precaution in light of recent events.”

In addition to this, following the subpoena it appears that the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor invite link is no longer functional, and another Discord server dedicated to Genshin Impact called GenshinBlank has locked leak-dedicated channels as well as renaming others.

The action follows a data breach that revealed new characters, quests and events as far as the 3.8 update, but also included personal information and user data for multiple HoYoverse testers. Ubatcha was involved in sharing the leaks at the time but later removed them “just to be safe” reiterating that they “do not condone whatever methods in which the data was obtained”.

It’s unclear what action will be taken as a result of the subpoena, but in the meantime it appears that the Genshin Impact leaking community has shut up shop to avoid legal repercussions.


In other news, quality assurance workers at Blizzard’s Albany office have successfully unionised, despite pushbacks from Activision leaders.

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