‘Genshin Impact’ to introduce new character Candace with update 3.1

Candace, the Guardian of Aaru Village, is the next addition to the ‘Genshin Impact’ character pool

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has announced that Candace will be the newest addition to the expansive character pool, and will join the game following the 3.1 update.

Candace, the Guardian of Aaru Village, brings a connection to the newest region, Sumeru.

The character takes inspiration from Egyptian lore, and before her announcement was rumoured to be a four-star hydro polearm character. The information given was brief, but sent the community into a flurry of excitement, as it looks like this has been confirmed.


Alongside the simple phrase “of red sands and glimmering gold, her vow to defend stands strong,” the only other points made about the character were as follows:

  • Candace
  • Golden Vow
  • Guardian of Aaru Village
  • Hydro
  • Sagitta Scutum

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact. Credit: miHoYo

Alongside Candace’s arrival, we also know that two other characters will be added to Genshin Impact with the 3.1 update. The five-star electro-attuned Cyno will join the ranks, as well as Nilou, who is a hydro sword wielder, and was hinted at in the Sumeru teaser announcement.

The new region, Sumeru, is a vast expanse of vibrant jungles and scorching deserts, and the fierce warrior princess Candace will be coming to the game alongside it. Promotional art shows Candace wielding a spear and shield, making her the first of her kind if this is reflected in-game, as no other existing characters have shields. Sagitta Scutum literally translates in English to “arrow and shield”, adding further weight to this possibility.

Sumeru is said to be comparable in size to other areas of Genshin Impact, including Liyue or Inazuma, and is one of the Seven Nations of Teyvat. It’s first referenced in the Teyvat chapter storyline preview, and according to lore is ruled by the dendro archon, only known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, or the God of Wisdom.


Sumeru is also known as the centre of knowledge and hosts the renowned Sumeru Academia. Exploring Inazuma in-game will lead to bumping into a few Sumerian scholars, and original character Lisa is another of their alumni.

The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings releases on August 24 in Europe, and pre-installation will be available beforehand. Version 3.1 doesn’t have an official release date as yet, but is expected for late September.

Genshin Impact also announced today via a Tweet that the game will be at Gamescom 2022 with some “exciting” events. In other Gamescom news, here’s how you can watch the Opening Night Live later today (August 23).

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