Geoff Keighley says Gamescom Opening Night Live will be a “big spectacle”

Two hours, more than 30 games and some “very cool guests”

Geoff Keighley has revealed a little more about what people can expect from Gamescom Opening Night Live, promising a “big spectacle”.

Gamescom runs August 24 to 28 but will begin with a two hour live presentation on August 23, hosted by Geoff Keighley.

During a Twitter Spaces chat yesterday (August 11), Keighley told fans what to expect from the showcase.


“We’re going to have a great show. two hours, more than 30 games, it’s going to be a big spectacle,” he promised. “We’ve got some very cool guests that’ll be coming to Germany to join us to reveal their games and showcase new content.”

He went on to explain that the showcase will feature a mix of announced games and “a fair number of games that will be announced for the first time at the show. It’s going to be a fun showcase of the future of games.”

It’s already been confirmed that “news” about Sonic Frontiers will be revealed. Keighley went on to describe it as a “full blown, trailer” that’ll hopefully show off some narrative elements. “It’ll be a big moment,” he said, before describing the reveal as “meaty”.

He went on to explain that 2022 is a “lighter year for releases” so a lot of what is shown at Gamescom will be for 2023 and beyond.

Earlier this week, Xbox confirmed their plans for Gamescom but PlayStation and Nintendo have both said they’ll be giving the exhibition a miss, as will Activision and Take-Two.


However, talking about Opening Night Live, Keighley said “we’ve got some good stuff. Some cool surprises from [companies] people wouldn’t expect to be there. We’ve got a lot of content to show you guys” including gameplay clips, trailers and announcements.

He then said he hopes to reveal more news about what will be announced throughout the next week.

It’s already been confirmed that Unknown Worlds, the studio behind Subnautica, will be revealing its new sci-fi strategy game at Gamescom.

In other news, The Outsiders director David Goldfarb has shared that upcoming rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger is his “favourite project ever,” and the game’s original prototype was the best he’s “ever made or seen.”

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