George Osborne’s wedding has been turned into a ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ level

The Church of St Mary in Bruton, Somerset, was modelled in the game

Dan Douglas – the developer of the satirical Duke Smoochem 3D mod for the classic shooter Duke Nukem 3D – has added former politician George Osborne’s wedding to the game.

Duke Smoochem 3D uses Duke Nukem 3D‘s level editor to recreate exaggerated snapshots of political events in the United Kingdom.

As Osborne’s wedding has hit the headlines for the poison pen email containing allegations about his private life and the presence of a protestor on the day itself, Douglas took time to model The Church of St Mary in Bruton, Somerset, and the couple themselves in the game.


In the clip shared to Twitter, Duke Nukem showers George Osborne and his wife Thea in orange confetti, a reference to the protestor who was originally thought to be a member of Just Stop Oil. Sirens start to sound with the text, “Uh oh! Ian Dunt is gonna be pissed!” appearing at the top of the screen. Police vans crash through the walls of the church, tipping over a headstone, and Pig Cops fire at the player.

Other expansions to Duke Smoochem 3D have included the coronation of King Charles, the UK’s emergency alert test, Thor the walrus that terrorised Scarborough, the This Morning Spin to Win competition, Binley Mega Chippy and more.

“I see it as an interactive shitpost,” said Douglas in NME‘s interview with the developer last summer. “One of my very favourite things about this project is people learning about weird events through it, either topical or historical.”

“Eventually I’d like to create a commentary mode, devoid of enemies that the player can just wander around in and discover the origins of all the reference points I’ve thrown in, like some kind of meme museum.”

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