‘Ghost Of Tsushima 2’ hinted at in new job listings

New recruits “must have played 'Ghost of Tsushima' and understand its core gameplay systems”

Job listings at Sucker Punch suggest the studio are looking to start work on a followup to 2020’s Ghost Of Tsushima.

The company is currently recruiting for a variety of roles but both listings for Senior Combat Designer and Technical Combat Designer have “must have played Ghost Of Tsushima and understand its core gameplay systems” as one of their requirements, suggesting a sequel or expansion is in the works.

The candidates will be required to “prototype, polish and balance: Player abilities, combat actions and progression items”.


Elsewhere the listing for an AI Systems Designer reads “Sucker Punch has a history of making great characters — from Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray to Cole, Delsin and Fetch. Most recently, the award winning cast of Ghost Of Tsushima brought new levels of character depth to the Open World genre. We’re looking for someone who understands that to truly make a world come alive it has to be populated with compelling characters.”

A listing for a writer confirms Sucker Punch’s next project will be open-world.

These new listings follow a series of vacancies advertised back in 2020, with the studio looking for someone with a “desire to write stories set in feudal Japan” while a “knowledge of feudal Japanese history” would be a plus.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that Ghost Of Tsushima had shifted over 8million copies since it was released in July 2020.

remastered Director’s Cut of the game was released last year and featured the new Iki Island expansion.


Previously Playstation CEO Jim Ryan had said new IP launches like Ghost Of Tsushima are “a very risky move”.

It’s also been reported that Sony are working on a live action version of Ghost Of Tsushima, with John Wick director Chad Stahelski already attached.

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