Ghost Ship Publishing unveils first three games it will be supporting

The publisher's debut includes two top-down shooters and a magical roguelike

Ghost Ship Publishing, a new branch of Deep Space Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games, has announced the first three games that it’s set to launch as a publisher.

Announced last month, Ghost Ship Publishing will “assist fellow developers with funding and marketing expertise,” with CEO Søren Lundgaard describing it as a way to “lift up” the Danish gaming scene.

Today (March 1), the company unveiled the first three games that it plans to release as a publisher, with all three partnered developers hailing from Denmark.


The first game is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, a single-player spin-off from Ghost Ship Games’ own Deep Rock Galactic. Created by Funday Games, Survivor is a top-down shooter where players must gather gems and fend off increasing waves of alien attackers, and will launch as an Early Access PC game later this year.

The second is turn-based roguelike SpellRogue, from Guidelight Games. In this single-player title, players will control a “dice-slinging wizard” across three acts, with Ghost Ship Publishing claiming that the game is an “innovative spin on the deckbuilding roguelike loop seen in titles such as Slay The Spire“.

No release date for SpellRogue has been announced just yet but it’s currently in closed beta and is planned to launch on PC.

Ghost Ship Publishing’s last announcement is Bitfire Games’ DarkSwarm, a top-down co-op shooter that can be played with one to four players.


DarkSwarm will follow a group of mercenaries as they fight through “huge swarms” of aliens amid procedurally generated and destructible environments. Like SpellRogue, no release date for DarkSwarm has been confirmed just yet but it will launch on PC with console availability still to be announced.

Touching on the three titles, Lundgaard said: “Each developer and project has their individual origin story, but they all have open development, flexible game design, and consumer-friendly business models in common.”

In other gaming news, Square Enix‘s Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 won’t be coming to PC immediately after its PS5 exclusivity ends.

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