‘God Of War’ Kratos mocap actor shares combat-filled audition video

The footage is set to a remix of 'Rasputin'

The Kratos combat motion capture (mocap) actor for the new series of God Of War games has shared his over-the-top audition tape for the 2018 game.

Stuntman and martial artist Eric Jacobus was one of the Greek god’s mocap actors (alongside the late Shad Gaspard and Kratos performer Christopher Judge), with his new video from July 27 saying Sony Santa Monica brought him in to audition after seeing his “Tekken IRL” series.

As part of his audition tape, Jacobus came up with a number of moves for Kratos in advance, which he recently shared on his YouTube channel.


Check out the video, set to a remix of Boney M.’s ‘Rasputin’, below.

Jacobus added sound effects to the recently uploaded video, and said the “subsequent audition was eight hours long and I got the part.”

Whilst the whole video is incredibly impressive, special note should be made of the segment where Jacobus uses an axe, which really brings his performance as the character – who wields the flying Leviathan Axe – to life.

You can also see a few of Kratos’ moves in the 2018 game in Jacobus’ routine as well, showing how well he put the moves together before even getting the job.

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God of War. Credit: Santa Monica Studio.


Jacobus then did combat motion capture for Kratos, Baldur, Magni, Modi and a few other characters as well. As he notes, however, there was a whole team of mocap actors that helped realise the characters, as there will be for this November’s God Of War: Ragnarok.

Even Xbox head Phil Spencer is excited for the upcoming PlayStation title, calling it the game he wants to play next.

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