‘God Of War’ patch improves performance and stability on PC

A quality of life improvement has also been added

Version 1.0.9 of God Of War has been released, bringing performance improvements to the PC version of the game, along with a few other fixes.

The patch notes have been posted on Steam, and mostly seem to make the game more stable, with triple buffering now possible. This reduces micro-stutters at the cost of a minor latency increase.

Elsewhere, the developer says “GPU memory usage is now included in the video settings to aid performance troubleshooting”, while a whole host of smaller fixes have been listed.


The fixes are as follows:

  • Memory values will now be detected properly when using integrated graphics
  • Silent crashes will no longer occur if a GPU reports invalid memory values
  • Some gameplay systems will no longer cause intermittent crashes
  • Implemented small object culling to help reduce the number of objects being processed by the CPU

There is still a problem if players are using AMD components, with intermittent framerate reductions happening when shaders are accessed for the first time. Santa Monica Studio says it is working with AMD to resolve this for a future patch.

A screenshot from God of War
God of War. Credit: Santa Monica Studio.

Lastly, there’s a small quality of life change that looks aimed at making the game a little bit more accessible. With version 1.0.9, aiming and blocking can now be toggled instead of having to hold the button down.

In NME’s review of the PC version of God Of War, Jake Tucker gave it four out of five stars and said that “God Of War still holds up brilliantly, and this PC version adds the bells and whistles to rival even the latest and greatest in PC gaming”.


In other news, a new app called Minecraft Preview has been released that lets players test upcoming features ahead of them being launched into the final game. This is a new setup, and replaces the previously established system.