‘Godfall’ can’t be played offline, even for single-player mode

The game is set to be a launch title for the PlayStation 5

Sony has revealed that Godfall, one of the exclusive launch titles for its upcoming next-gen PlayStation 5 system, will require players to be connected to the internet at all times.

The Godfall page on the official PlayStation website was first updated over the weekend, stating that “online play [was] required”. Eagle-eyed players soon reached out to developer Counterplay Games on Twitter, asking for clarification over the online-only caveat.

Counterplay Games later confirmed that, while Godfall is not considered a “service game”, the title will “require an internet connection to play”. However, the company has yet to explain the need for a constant connection to the internet.


Check out the tweet below:

Fans of the title have since reacted negatively to the news, with some questioning the need to be online for the single-player campaign. One commenter also pointed out that the game will likely be “unplayable when the servers are shut down in X number of years”.

Godfall is set to launch on November 12 for the PS5 and will retail at US$69.99. The game will also be released on PC, exclusively through the Epic Games Store, but will retail for $59.99.


Last month, Counterplay Games released a new trailer for Godfall that showcased three distinct fighting styles available in the game, each represented by a different valor plate-weapon combination. The clip also highlighted PvE online co-op mode where players will be able to take on enemies with up to three friends.

Earlier this month, publisher Annapurna Interactive announced that its mythical adventure game The Pathless would also be a launch title for the PS5. The game is developed by Giant Squid, the team behind the popular indie title Abzû.

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