Godzilla and King Kong are coming to ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ today

Operation Monarch runs until May 25

Godzilla and King Kong are coming to Call Of Duty: Warzone today (May 11).

Last month, it was confirmed the two titans would be joining the game but now Activision has announced details of Operation Monarch.

The event launches today and runs until May 25. During that time, players will have to “evade Godzilla’s Heat Ray Breath and Kong’s smashing fits while striving to be the last team standing. Will you survive the onslaught, or succumb to their Titan fury,” asks an official blog post.


Operation Monarch is a 60 player battle that uses Resurgence rules. “The goal is simple: Be the last team standing”. Check out the launch trailer below:

During the game though, players will also need to collect Monarch Intel from supply boxes, special drops and fallen enemies, or by dealing damage to the titans, who will be roaming the island. The Monarch Intel can be used ​to charge a special meter that unlocks items such as Killstreaks and loadout drops, along with a unique and powerful Titan Killstreak reward for filling it up completely.

At various points throughout the battle, Kong and Godzilla may become enraged and attack in what developers have called “Titan Fury”. If that happens, teams can either tactically withdraw or fight back. However, the team that deals the most damage to a titan will be rewarded with a “S.C.R.E.A.M. Device” which allows them to communicate with the titans and trigger either Godzilla’s Heat Ray Breath or Kong’s ground pound and a rock throw.

Once the attack type is chosen, the Operator can direct it toward any location on Caldera.


Three limited edition Monsterverse Bundles will also be available during Operation Monarch: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Bundle, Kong Bundle, and Mechagodzilla Bundle.

Speaking about the event, associate creative director at Raven, JJ Williams said: “I think excitement is an understatement. When we heard we would be working with Legendary Entertainment and on Titans in Warzone our minds were blown. We knew we had the opportunity to really swing for the fences and create an experience that hasn’t been seen yet.”

“Collectively, these bundles were one of the most fun and challenging ones we put together so far,” added Sledgehammer Games’ associate live operations art director, Jason Babler. “Thankfully, Legendary gave us a huge sandbox to design within, allowing us to ideate on designs based off Godzilla and Kong in a whole new way. We took these beloved Titans, combined them with our COD aesthetics, and designed truly unique Operator skins that haven’t been seen before.”

In other news, Activision has said the mobile version of Warzonewill help take the Call Of Duty franchise to new heights.”

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