‘Goodboy Galaxy’ GBA game beats Kickstarter goal in less than a day

Classic adventure for a classic console

Goodboy Galaxy is an exploration platform game coming to the Game Boy Advance in cartridge form. It will also be available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Goodboy Galaxy went live on Kickstarter with a funding goal of £18,000. It currently has £62,000 pledged and has comfortable surpassed its goal less than a day after the campaign began.

Goodboy Galaxy is a brand-new exploration-focused adventure platform game in development for the 20-years-old Game Boy Advance. It’s kind of like Cave Story or a cuter Metroid. It’ll be released on real cartridges as well as digitally for GBA and modern platforms.” Says the Kickstarter page.


“We’re also hoping to raise enough to fund an enhanced version for PC and Switch that will take advantage of stronger hardware capabilities (modern aspect ratio, remastered audio, couch co-op and other extras).” This stretch goal has already been achieved. Another reached goal was the release of the game on physical Nintendo Switch cartridges.

Goodboy Galaxy will contain colourful levels with multiple routes. There will also be hidden secret areas, in true Metroidvania style. Throughout the galaxy, you will be able to meet 50 characters and collect their friendship cards.

A demo is currently available for Goodboy Galaxy. This chapter zero is not planned to be part of the main game to avoid spoilers. Much of the content is expected to be changed in the full release version of the game. However, this should provide insight into the direction, style, and quality that players can expect from the full game.

The Kickstarter page shares details on the people behind the game and why they chose the legacy GBA system. “Goodboy Galaxy is being created by two friends, Rik and Jeremy. We’re both big fans of the Gameboy Advance and its killer library of games, so we really wanted to make something that’d feel at home on the system.”


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