Goomba tower falls onto tracks at Super Nintendo World Japan

Goomback to the drawing board

A tower of Super Nintendo World Goombas have fallen onto ride tracks at the theme park in Japan, with no one hurt from the accident.

The damage was reported by Asahi Shumbun Digital (thanks, VGC) with the incident occurring on Monday (August 9). The stack of four Goombas fell a few metres and landed on a part of a ride not accessible to guests, which meant there were no injuries.

A video shared on Twitter shows employees struggling to move the Goomba tower, before managing to get the decoration into the tunnel of the ride they fell onto. According to the Asahi Shumbun Digital report, some of the rides at Super Nintendo World were suspended until the next day (August 10).


Whilst the cause of the accident is currently being investigated, Typhoon Lupit was due in the region of Japan that houses Universal Studios Japan around the time the Goomba tower fell.

In related news, a Donkey Kong themed area for Super Nintendo World appears to be under construction, despite a lack of an announcement from Universal Studios. Aerial shots of the construction reveal a jungle-themed backdrop, with pictures from July of this year also suggesting that the upcoming expansion is themed after the tie-wearing ape.

Opening in March 2021 after a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Super Nintendo World houses rides and experiences themed after Nintendo characters and IP. It features an interactive Mario Kart ride, and ‘Power-Up Bands’ that allow visitors to take part in challenges and collect coins, with an official app that yields rewards.

Elsewhere, the first match players jump into in Naraka: Bladepoint is actually against bots. The decision appears deliberate to help ease players into the game, even if some are voicing their frustration at the idea.

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