‘Gotham Knights’ Batgirl trailer shows the vigilante in action

Batgirl's origins and combat are shown off

A new trailer for Gotham Knights has been revealed during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, which dives into the character and mechanics of Batgirl.

Released on July 21, the trailer shows off some in-game footage of Batgirl, one of Gotham Knights’ four playable characters, as she dishes some beatdowns on criminals.

Check out the trailer on the DC YouTube channel below.


“Gotham City still has a Bat, and she’s going to make sure everyone knows it,” reads the description. “Protecting people runs in her veins and will always be a part of who she is, no matter her identity. The people of Gotham need a symbol to believe in, and there’s no one better than Batgirl to be that symbol.”

Batgirl’s origin in Gotham Knights has also been changed slightly, after backlash to the depiction of disabilities had the developer work with AbleGamers charity to change it. Many said a disabled person overcoming their disability via determination and the death of a loved one was misguided and offensive, so WB Montréal changed her origin to revolve around surgery, physical therapy and pain management, with the character also wearing a visible back brace in-game.

Gotham Knights has been all over Comic-Con this year, as creative director Patrick Redding also confirmed that Batman is “really dead” in the game. After a number of fan theories assume Batman has simply faked his death, Redding assured that no, the caped crusader is in fact deceased. He also confirmed that The Joker won’t be appearing in Gotham Knights either.

Gotham Knights is set to launch on October 25 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game have been cancelled.

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