‘Gotham Knights’ brings release forward alongside new villains trailer

It’s been announced at Gamescom that the release date for WB Montréal’s Gotham Knights has been brought forward slightly.

Last night’s (August 23) Gamescom Opening Night Live revealed that Gotham Knights has been brought forward a few days from the original October 25 release date, with the four-player DC title now launching on October 21 – four days earlier.

This wasn’t the only Gamescom reveal for Gotham Knights though, as a brand new trailer showcased some of the game’s narrative alongside the extra villains from Batman’s rogues gallery that will be in the title.


Check out the new trailer for the game below.

Harley Quinn and Clayface will be joining the likes of the previously revealed Mr Freeze and the Court of Owls, as they all attempt to take over Gotham City after the death of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

“There’s a storm coming and Renee Montoya knows she can’t trust the GCPD to fight it,” reads the video’s description, revealing that Montaya, originally created for Batman: The Animated Series, will be in Gotham Knights.

Whilst there’s very little on the character in the game, the GCPD officer also became the second Question in the comics.

Batgirl in Gotham Knights. Credit: Warner Bros. Games


Earlier this month WB Montréal explained why Batman won’t be coming back at all in Gotham Knights, due to his presence overshadowing the narrative and characters.

“It simply wouldn’t have made it easier to have Batman present at all, actually, because anywhere he is, he just takes up all of the space, he takes all of the air out of the room, and so it was so much more interesting to start afresh without him,” explained executive producer Fleur Marty.

In other news, Dead Island 2 was re-announced at Gamescom last night, revealing multiplayer trailers and the leaked release date.