‘Gotham Knights’ devs may be working on another project alongside it

Superman maybe?

Warner Bros Games Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins and upcoming Gotham Knights, is reportedly working on another game alongside it.

The unannounced next game has apparently been in development since at least 2019 and possibly even longer than that. it’s likely to be another DC Comics game with rumours suggesting it may be a Superman title.

That’s according to a LinkedIn page for Gotham Knights’s senior artist Megan Berry. It reveals that she is also the art director and co-founder of an unannounced project. Spotted by James Sigfield on Twitter and PCGamesN, the news is a surprise for many.


Previously, Warner Bros Games Montreal has had numerous titles cancelled including a Batman Arkham Knight sequel. Reportedly, it was focused on Gotham Knights which is set for release next year. Apparently, it’s juggling that with this unannounced project.

Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights. Credit: Warner Bros. Games

Designer Ade Esan also has an unannounced project with combat and character abilities listed on his LinkedIn profile.

Interestingly, both employees left it in June 2021 but hopefully that means the studio is focusing on finishing Gotham Knights rather than abandoning the other project.

Earlier in the year, rumours were spreading that Warner Bros Montreal might be working on a new IP. That was thanks to several job listings appearing on its site. One mentions a “third-person open world action game”.

For now, all we know for sure is that Gotham Knights will launch in 2022.


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