‘Gran Turismo 7’ director Kazunori Yamauchi talks car culture in new video

Car culture means a lot of different things to people

Gran Turismo 7 director and professional racer Kazunori Yamauchi sat down and spoke about the various elements of car culture the latest game will allow players to immerse themselves in.

“I think the car is one of the most beautiful industrial products,” said Yamauchi in a new behind-the-scenes video. “The appreciation for the beauty of their shapes is car culture.”

“Controlling these high performance machines that far exceed human limits is another part of car culture,” he continued.


“Appreciating these cars, for example, by collecting them, is another crucial side to car culture. I really think that car culture is a very multi-faceted thing.”

Yamauchi was a street racer back in his youth, and to this day enjoys professional racing alongside developing the Gran Turismo series. The video illustrates that his passion for cars runs deep.

The video also shows in-game footage of cars racing around the track and being tuned in the in-game garage, where Brembo will show off its products as the game’s official braking systems partner.

While the video showcases the different ways in which players can enjoy Gran Turismo, it fails to mention that the game will require an internet connection even when playing single-player. This has been implemented to prevent people from cheating by editing their save files, but has still upset many fans who feel those with poor quality internet connections have not been considered in this decision.


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