‘Gran Turismo 7’ update criticised for making cars more expensive

According to a fan, the next 'Gran Turismo 7' pricing update will make 27 cars more expensive

Gran Turismo 7 fans have investigated the prices of the game’s cars following a recent update, and found that many of them have become more expensive.

Earlier in the month, developer Polyphony Digital released update 1.15 for Gran Turismo 7 which added three new cars. In the update’s patch notes, the developer also mentioned that “in the Hagerty Collection, prices have been revised according to real world valuations under guidance from Hagerty,” a real-world car insurance company specialising in classic vehicles.

These pricing changes are set to be applied “from the next lineup update”, however according to GTPlanet forum user Eggstor (thanks, VGC), it’s not good news for players – as the update will make most of the cars involved more expensive.


Gran Turismo 7. Image Credit: Sony
Gran Turismo 7. Image Credit: Sony

With the assistance of several dataminers, Eggstor claims that of the 62 cars available with Hagerty, 27 “will go up/have gone up in price,” while 21 will stay the same. On the other hand, just two cars will be reduced in price. The user was unable to estimate a price for 12 of the cars, meaning there’s room for more of the collection’s vehicles to still become more – or less – expensive.

“The estimated total price increase is 8,337,900 Cr. (3.80 per cent), with 12 cars for which prices cannot be estimated,” summarised Eggstor.

The forum post’s findings have been met with criticism from fans, in large part because the community has already made an issue out of cars being too expensive to earn without making real-money purchases.

Gran Turismo 7 review
‘Gran Turismo 7’. CREDIT: Polyphony Digital

“Inflation is hitting inside the game now. Damn, this game is the real simulation,” joked one GTPlanet user, while another asked, “honestly, what benefit to the players does this tie in have?”


“Well, one less reason to play this game for me at this point, I think I’ve never seen a bigger mess of a game in my entire life, which is a shame honestly,” added another disappointed fan.

Earlier in the year, Polyphony Digital addressed concerns with in-game currency by rebalancing credit payout.

In other gaming news, V Rising developer Stunlock Studios has outlined what’s next for the game.

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