GSC Game World raises over £600,000 for Ukraine aid

The studio donated all income from a recent sale

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World has concluded its charity sale, which has raised around £612,557 for humanitarian organisations assisting the people of the country.

After Russia commenced its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, GSC Game World – who is based in Kyiv, Ukraine – announced that it would sideline the development of its upcoming title, Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. Then on April 4, the developer announced that it would also be offering all of its released games for a discount, and that any earnings from the sale would be transferred to the Combe Back Alive fund.

The sale has now come to an end and raised around £612,557 ($800,000 USD). GSC Game World announced the news in a Steam post, saying: “[A] great reason to be proud of our community. Thank you all! Those who hear Ukrainians. Those who open their doors to Ukrainians.


“Those who do not stand aside: tweet, show their support, correspond, offer help, take to the streets all around the world, donate money, participate in charity sales, join the ranks of volunteers, feed those who are starving, dismantle blockages, protect, treat, transport, rescue and never back down.”

The developer added that after taxes and store commissions all funds would be donated to the Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation – which aims to help the Ukrainian military during the Russian invasion.

In March, information was released suggesting that GSC Game World was moving its studio and all employees to the Czech Republic. The chairman of the Czech Game Developers Association, Pavel Barák, said at the time: “I can confirm that the GSC studio approached the Association at the beginning of last week, saying that they are looking at the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. They needed help from us regarding legal and employment matters.”

As of publication it is unclear if GSC Game World has successfully relocated from Kyiv, Ukraine.


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