‘GTA Online’ player roleplays as WWE’s The Undertaker

Rest in Peace, Los Santos

One eccentric GTA: Online player is bringing a bit of WWE entertainment to the streets of Los Santos, as The Undertaker himself.

Twitch streamer BigSkenger has been making a name for himself as GTA: Online’s Undertaker – suiting up in an appropriate costume and screeching around Los Santos in a hearse.

He’s even been seen blasting The Undertaker’s signature theme.


But it’s more than that – BigSkenger’s adventures have been made possible thanks to GTA RP – a fan-made community of GTA roleplayers who spawn in as shop clerks, barbers, just about anything… even sometimes, criminals.

The result is that players get to customise their characters and act out their very own stories even if that story makes them WWE’s infamous wrestler, The Undertaker.

Of course, roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto is far from new but has recently seen a surge in new players thanks to prominent streamers giving it a go on Twitch. And BigSkenger’s latest adventures as The Undertaker are bound to have had some impact.

During his outings as the Lord of Darkness, BigSkenger found himself getting into scraps with other players – one of which found themselves on the receiving end of his iconic finisher, the Tombstone.

Obviously, the streamer’s fans loved every minute of it, but The Undertaker’s adventures were cut short when the police finally took him down. But not before a sublime car chase in The Undertaker’s signature hearse.

Still, not exactly the Man Who Cannot Be Destroyed.


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