‘GTA Online’ update adds go-karts to race creator and increases heist rewards

Race go-karts and earn more from heists in this weekly update

Rockstar has deployed a new update for GTA Online that allows players to use go-karts in the race creator.

Rockstar has released the update, but many players have jumped in and worked out the changes for themselves instead of official patch notes. PCGamesN has collated the tweets to create preliminary patch notes.

Most notably, players who use the race editor will be able to use go-karts when creating their tracks. These missions can be designed with several styles, such as rally races and linear courses. Go-karts will handle differently from other vehicles in the game and should allow for some creative mission design.


GTA Online’s update also increases the reward players can get from four different modes. Heists from the game’s heist update, auto shop deliveries, exotic exports, and motor ward will now provide double the usual amount of in-game cash and RP to players who complete them. The Human Labs last team standing mode will also offer double RP.

For fans of GTA Online’s Halloween events, there is some bad news. All of the seasonal themed content has been removed, including the peyote plants.

A new prize ride is available for players to earn. The Cypher is available to any player who can place in the top four spots of car meet races. This will need to be accomplished six days in a row to earn the car. The GTA Online podium vehicle of the week is Casco.

There are also discounts throughout many of the in-game shops. Body armour is 50 per cent off, while all weapons have been reduced by 30 per cent. Several vehicles are also discounted. The Insurgent Pickup has been reduced to $810,00.


In other news, Riot is adding its games to the Epic Games Store, including Valorant, League Of Legends, and more.