‘GTA Online’ update adds The Lost Contract and the Vectre

A new car and contract mission arrive this week

It’s time for another GTA Online weekly update – this time, adding The Lost Contract mission as well as a new car, the Vectre.

The update comes on the back of the recent GTA Online Tuners update.

A full breakdown of the update will be available from Rockstar Games later today. But in the meantime, Twitter user Tez2 has detailed some of the biggest additions:

  • Emperor Vectre (available for $1,785,000 or $1,338,750 trade price)
  • The Lost Contract mission (with a $180,000 payout)
  • Prize Ride: Futo GTX
  • Podium vehicle: Michelli GT
  • Test Track vehicles: Jester RR, Growler, Vectre
  • Double GTA$ and RP on Pursuit Races and Siege Mentality on Adversary Mode

The Emperor Vectre is a two-door sports coupe. The GTA Online Prize Ride this week is the Futo GTX – an ‘80s inspired three-door compact sports liftback. This week’s Podium vehicle is the Michelli GT – an even more retro ‘60s themed two-door.

The Lost Contract also sounds like a fun one. This new contract mission is all about tracking down some “Lost MC” meth labs and razing them to the ground before stealing their final meth shipment and selling it on yourself.

You can also expect a range of discounts on select properties and vehicles, which have been detailed by Tez2 below:

  • 50% Off Executive Offices
  • 40% Off: Ellie, Itali GTO
  • 30% Off: Alkonost, Tigon, Squaddie

Meanwhile, Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo II: Resurrected won’t include TCP/IP multiplayer support despite previous promises to the contrary.


Elsewhere, the latest Dead by Daylight patch has enhanced Pyramid Head’s butt among other things.