‘GTA’ producer’s next project is a “real-life ‘Ready Player One'”-style game

A new document claims that 'Everywhere' will be an open world AAA multiplayer title where players can "create their own worlds"

More details on Build A Rocket Boy’s upcoming game Everywhere have been revealed, with the game’s creative concept describing a “”real-life” Ready Player One” multiplayer game.

As spotted by Twitter account Everywhere Network, a document shared by Build A Rocket Boy investor company Galaxy Interactive has outlined what players can expect from the upcoming game.

According to Everywhere‘s creative concept, the game is a “real-life” Ready Player One, and it will be launched as an open world AAA multiplayer game.


The game will also feature a “multi-chapter epic narrative” as well as “user generated content through a virtual sandbox where players can create their own worlds.”

The comments were provided as part of Galaxy Interactive’s market insights on “loosely scripted sandbox games that enable players to design their own experiences online,” providing a little bit more on what Everywhere will involve.

Everywhere is being developed by Build A Rocket Boy, a studio founded by former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies. Benzies was heavily involved in every Grand Theft Auto title since 2001, acting as producer on each of the series’ entries since 3, including GTA San Andreas, GTA 4 and GTA 5.

As to what else Everywhere will involve, job listings for positions at Build A Rocket Boy provide further details. One listing says the game will be built in Unreal 4, however Unreal Engine recently announced that Build A Rocket Boy is working on a project using Unreal Engine 5.

Several blockchain-related job listings suggests that Everywhere will use the technology, while an economy designer position based in Edinburgh also hints that there will be in-game monetisation, as the role requires someone who can “balance in-game economy with consideration to player acquisition, engagement and retention.”


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