‘GTA: The Trilogy’ modders are already fixing the “fake” rain

Rain, rain, go away

Modders for GTA: The Trilogy are already flocking to work on the game’s perceived issues, with several creators working to fix the low-quality rain that’s in the game.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition modders are working to change the way that rain works in the remastered games.

As it stands, fans have pointed out that rain in GTA: The Trilogy currently causes significant visibility issues and is applied very inconsistently, causing it to heavily obscure the environment or sometimes just disappear completely.


Luckily, several modders are taking aim at the problem. One forum user has provided a mod called Better Rain, which aims to create “a bit less “fake rain” effect” in the game and ensures that the wet weather “looks better in motion”. Similarly, another San Andreas modder has made a mod that makes the rain a lot less intrusive and makes the effect a bit more subtle.

The launch of GTA: The Trilogy has received a lot of criticism – especially on PC, where extensive downtime caused the game to be unavailable for several days. This was due to a mix of launcher maintenance and the studio taking the game offline to remove “some data files that were unintentionally included in the new versions of these games”.

Although GTA: The Trilogy is once again available to buy and play on PC, lasting damage seems to have been done. The lengthy downtime and issues with the title had led to players review bombing the game, with many buyers flooding Rockstar‘s support to ask for their money back.

In other news, the return of weapon bloom in Battlefield 2042 has resulted in some criticism from Twitch streamer Shroud. Addressing the feature – which makes guns less accurate – Shroud said that it “rewards worse players” and he doesn’t agree with “making better players worse”.

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