‘GTFO’ leaves early access in surprise 1.0 launch

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GTFO has existed the early access program and is now available as a 1.0 release as it adds the Rundown 6.0 destination.

GTFO has received a significant update that adds an entirely new location, friendly ai bots, and deeper character customisation. Most importantly, it has left early access with a 1.0 release. GTFO is 25per cent off on Steam right now as part of the celebration.

Rundown 6.0 is a new destination for players to attempt to explore, with the developer update saying, “Like all Rundowns, this one challenges players with ultra-tough expeditions and introduces never-before-seen weapons and creatures. But there are all-new game features we think you’ll appreciate.”


Those game features include a new checkpoint system. GTFO has been known as a punishingly challenging cooperative shooter, but checkpoints should allow for more progress for those jumping in for the first time. The feature is entirely optional, so veterans should retain the experience they know.

Players can also bring ai companions into Rundowns now. “Artificial intelligence can never substitute a human teammate, but you never want to enter the Complex with fewer than three prisoners. Now, you don’t have to. Prisoner bots – one of the most requested features – are now available to follow you through the Rundown. They’ll sneak when you sneak, gather resources, and help out when things get messy.”

GTFO has also added customisation options for player characters. “The Complex isn’t a fashion runway, but we had prisoner customisation in mind back in 2015 when we started developing the game. It’s satisfying to offer players ways to customise prisoners in Rundown 6.0 Destination. To start, you can unlock clothing items by completing expeditions.”

Elsewhere, a trailer for Horizon Forbidden West shows off new robotic enemies that players will have to overcome.

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