‘Guild Wars 2’ reveals Guardian’s new elite specialisation

Become a Willbender in the End of Dragons expansion

Guild Wars 2 is getting a bunch of new elite specialisations in the upcoming End of Dragons expansion – here’s our first look at the Guardian’s new spec.

ArenaNet has unveiled our first look at the Willbender – the Guardian’s new elite specialisation in Guild Wars 2.


“A willbender’s bladework is unmatched,” says the video’s description. “Wielding a sword in their off-hand gives them extra opportunities for ruthless cuts.”

Introduced as part of the upcoming End of Dragons expansion, the Willbender looks to up the damage of Guardian’s with the addition of another blade. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

“Willbenders are protectors of the Canthan throne and fated guardians to the Weh no Su (or Ascendant Emperors),” reads the official description. “A new form of Guardian that uses of an off-hand sword and physical abilities to help them reach and execute their foes, the Willbender makes the profession more mobile than it has ever been.”

“The Willbender’s off-hand sword and many physical utilities have been given multi-strike and bonus movement capabilities making it a highly aggressive damage dealer, bursting down foes while simultaneously maintaining their health and well-being through destruction on the battlefield.”

Of course, Guardian’s aren’t the only class to get a new elite specialisation – the Necromancers were introduced just yesterday to the new Harbinger spec.


“The harbinger borrows a dash of old west gunslinger, and mixes it with a splash of wandering apothecary, expressed by their elixir skills and related support traits,” reads the class description. “The result is a fast-paced, frenetic combat style that rewards skill, risk, and biting off exactly as much as you can chew (but no more) while subverting the traditional, more methodically-paced gameplay of Necromancer.”

Finally, there’s Mesmer’s new elite specialisation – the Virtuoso.

“The Mesmer is normally known for deviousness, trickery, and complexity, creating illusions to distract enemies and then ‘shattering’ them to various effect,” says the description. “Weaving telekinesis and the Canthan martial traditions of the blade into a wholly new style of fast and active combat, the virtuoso changes this by disregarding trickery and embracing all-out offense, using their magic to summon enchanted blades, which they wield telekinetically for immensely powerful attacks, or inflicting debilitating conditions.”

There are still several more classes yet to find out their specialisations – expect them to be revealed in the coming days.

Each of these new specialisations will be available by February 2022 with the launch of the upcoming expansion, End of Dragons.

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