‘Half-Life: Alyx’ mod ‘Levitation’ teases free five-hour campaign in new trailer

This looks like a mod on another level

In 2020, fans with VR headsets were delighted to play Half-Life: Alyx, the latest canonical entry in the Half-Life series, but it’s been pretty quiet for the series since. But now a mod team has created a new story called Levitation, which will offer up to five hours of gameplay in the campaign.

The project is a collaboration between level designer and artist Shawn Snelling (also known as FMPONE) and animator Corey Laddo (thanks, PCGamer), and it’s still going to be in virtual reality.

Outside of Black Mesa (which was endorsed by Valve and allowed to be sold on Steam), Levitation looks like one of the most impressive fan-made projects for the series so far – especially going off the brand new trailer, which you can watch below.


The trailer shows some beloved characters returning for Levitation, such as Russell (from Half-Life: Alyx, originally played by Rhys Darby), and G-Man. The story seems to revolve around the “giant levitating building in Sector-X” and looks very action-heavy.

The mod will be free for owners of Half-Life: Alyx, and is going to be available via the Steam Workshop in the second half of 2022. It’s not the first mod for the title, and there have been some that have removed the VR requirement of the game, though it’s very clear that Half-Life: Alyx was designed for use with a virtual reality headset.

Half-Life: Alyx LEVITATION
Half-Life: Alyx Levitiation. Credit: Valve/Snelling/Laddo.

Co-creator of the mod, Snelling, has worked on maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, such as Sub-Zero and Cache, which he says was “one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on”.

Levitation’s latest trailer has generated excitement amongst fans. One user commented on YouTube saying “God I hope this isn’t a delayed April Fool’s joke, because I am so excited to see this”. Another added “I seriously questioned if this was official because the voice acting is amazing.”


In other news, a 2001 demo for an unannounced Gex Jr title has been released. There are videos now surfacing which show off the gameplay for what would have been a PS1 game.

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