‘Halo’ co-creator shows off chaotic weapons and concept art cut from original game

An original Halo build would have been much more chaotic

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto has taken to Twitter to reveal a couple of features – including a spear gun – that never made it to the final version.

Since Friday (July 9), Lehto has been posting behind-the-scenes footage from an old build of the original Halo on PC. Ahead of releasing the videos, Lehto teased weapons “I don’t think anyone has seen yet”.

The videos dive into content that was in the works back in 2000 and includes demonstrations of weapons like the ‘microwave gun’ and ‘excavator’.


One such weapon, the microwave gun, is tested on two unfortunate placeholder enemies who are soon wiped away without a trace. As the gun never made it into the final game, Lehto laments that “The microwave gun would have been hilarious.”

The early build also included a spear gun, which leaves large projectiles sticking through the target. As one Twitter user notes, the Skewer – an upcoming weapon in Halo Infinite – seems “more or less a giant oversized version of this idea.”

Viewers will also spot a giant Dune-like worm in the background of this video, which Lehto comments “is one of the weirdest things I ever tried putting in the game.”

Lehto also shared original concept art for Master Chief – visible below – and a video looking at an early design for the protagonist in third-person. Again, fans spotted that the design was used later down the line – this time for Halo 2‘s ODST troops.


Lehto also shared designs for a stealth tank, a variant of the Scorpion which was cut before development for the Xbox edition started.

There’s also a bus-like shuttle vehicle in the background of one video, which was just called a “C ground transport” at the time.

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